Who We Are

Bizztonic Immigration and Employment Services Inc., practices in the area of Canadian and Georgia immigration and related areas. Our organization offers information on diversity of immigration programs whichever may suit your qualifications and abilities. Once you are qualified to apply, we will accompany you through all steps till you settle down in the country of your dreams.

There are many programs under which you might be interested and eligible to apply, by consulting our office we help you to improve your knowledge and understanding towards different categories offered for immigration to a country.

Bizztonic was established to provide knowledgeable and efficient immigration services, primarily to individuals and families in the Middle East wishing to relocate to Canada. Bizztonic with its headquarter in Taiwan have been starting helping people to immigrate since 2015 from China and Iran as well.

Our lawyer is a Canadian attorney and member in good standing with the Quebec Bar Association and of AQAADI (Quebec Immigration Lawyers Association). He holds a civil and common law degree from McGill University and is a member of the Canadian Bar Association (Immigration Division). He with over 19 years of experience as an immigration lawyer has helped secure for his clients: permanent resident visas, work permits, study permits and temporary resident visas. He also has solid experience in working with and representing business entrepreneurs who wish to start a business in Canada. He has the experience plus exceptional personal commitment to help you immigrate to Canada.

  Our Immigration and temporary Services

Our company has always hired well-experienced and educated consultants to serve our clients with accurate and updated information on to assist individuals to achieve their goal in creating a new future for themselves and their families in Canada and Georgia. Our non-stop endeavor towards providing best service to our clients is essential for us to build up a reputable and trustworthy name in this business.
Bizztonic’s legal and recognized immigration activities and services are as follows:

●Determining applicants’ eligibility.
●Educational Funds & Student Visas (Vocational Programs, college and university).
●Federal & Quebec Investors Programs.
●Federal Skilled Workers and Express Entry.
●Applying for Temporary Resident & Super Visas (Tourism, Business & Close Relatives).
●Immigration Interview Preparation Sessions.
●Family Sponsorship.

  Settlement Services

●Meet and Greet, pick-up at the airport ●Temporary accommodation
●Assisting in SIM Card/ Health Card/ Driving License
●Finding your first home to buy or rent
●Applying for Canadian Credentials

We want to help you transform your dream into the reality of a new home.




10F-5, No. 597, JiouRu 2nd Road, Kaohsiung, Taiwan

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Email :  azali@bizztonic.com

Website :  http://www.bizztonic.com/

Contact Person :  AZALI


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